Conscious music grounded in
the human experience. 

Drew Daniels, former frontman of reggae rockers Tsunami Rising, delivers a distinct take on the singer/songwriter vibe. His songs weave as if Conor Oberst, The Avett Brothers, Jack Johnson and Bradley Nowell sat down to create conscious music healthily grounded in the human experience. 

Drew's debut album, Fertility from Fire, tells his personal monomyth through honest songs that tastefully stimulate both head and heart. His poetic lyrics gracefully flow over punky folk and reggae while tapping into influences of hip hop, blues and soul.

After losing his home to the 2018 Kilauea eruption on Hawai'i Island, Drew's single, Our New Life, kickstarted a more meaningful musical journey that has him embracing his passion in stride with life's order. His music showcases a full spectrum of emotions ranging from the pain of loss and distress to resilient hopefulness that speaks on both personal and societal levels. 

You can stay connected with Drew on Facebook,  Instagram and Spotify